Privately funded, TBSRCH was established in May of 2008
TBSRCH is the State of Hawaii's official resource for ANY & ALL Bigfoot activity
The objectives of TBSRCH: to confirm the existence of Bigfoot in Hawaii, educate people about Bigfoot and to protect it from harm.

Q - Is Bigfoot really here in Hawaii?
A -Yes, possibly. TBSRCH believes maybe they are and somewhat likely here, but not exactly sure.

Q - How did Bigfoot get here?
A - By hitch hiking in refrigerated Christmas tree containers from the Pacific Northwest, during Novembers and Decembers for the past several years is our understanding.

Q - Where did Bigfoot come from?
A - Best guess; Oregon and Washington states

Q - How could Bigfoot survive such a long trip in a shipping container without food or water?
A - Hibernation. Text messaging.  Downloading apps.

Q - How many Bigfoot are in Hawaii?
A - TBSRCH has received over 30 sighting reports. But after the U.S. 2010 Census is completed, the TBSRSH should have a more accurate number. To date, zero Bigfoot confirmed.

Q - Where is Bigfoot?
A - Where?

Q - What does Bigfoot look like?
A - It depends on one's medication. But most tell the TBSRSH; a large hairy ape like creature, that carries a foul odor. No one to date has photographed Bigfoot.

Q - What would Bigfoot eat to survive here?
A - Local foods, definitely; plate lunches (hamburger steak, 2 scoop rice, mac salad, gravy all over), manapua, kalua pig, Portuguese sausage, kim chee, adobo

Q - Is Bigfoot a danger to people in Hawaii?
A - TBSRCH believes it's probably the other way around.

Q - What should people do if they encounter Bigfoot?
A - WARNING: Do not purchase carwash or benefit chili tickets from Bigfoot!